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BBC News HD missing! Where has it gone?

Posted on 2nd Jul 2022 @ 11:11 AM

Yesterday the HD version of BBC News (channel 107) was removed from the Freeview (tv aerial) platform. Quest HD has gone too!

Whilst the BBC News SD channel will remain available via your tv aerial it doesn't compare in picture quality to the HD variant.

BBC News HD is still available FTA (free to air) via satellite on Astra2 (Sky satellite) and on BBC iPlayer.

If you have an old Sky dish and your TV is a reasonably modern HD TV with a satellite tuner built-in (the threaded connector on the rear) the good news is you will be able to tune to BBC News HD right away.

If you have a dish but no satellite receiver box we have various HD models starting from around £50.00 at www.pulsat.com that will get you up and running right away with all the free to air channels available via Astra2 (over 450 tv/radio channels) including BBC News in glorious HD!

AB Cryptobox 750HD

Here are some top picks:

AB Cryptobox 750HD – HD Set Top Box here

TechniSat DIGIPLUS UHD S – Twin Tuner* HD/4K UHD Set Top Box with Multimedia Home Streaming here

AB Cryptobox 700HD – HD Set Top Box here

AB Cryptobox 800UHD – HD/4K UHD Set Top Box here

AB IPBox One – HD/4K Set Top Box with Android OS here

AB IPBox Two – Twin Tuner* HD/4K UHD Set Top Box with Android OS here


*Twin Tuner allows the recording of one channel whilst watching another