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Consumer CA Modules

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  • AlphaCrypt Light CAM
    £99.95 AlphaCrypt Light CAM
    Not everyone needs all the features of a fully-fledged Alphacrypt module with its multitude of integrated encryption systems. The Alphacrypt Light CI Module is a 2 in 1 CAM offering compatibility with Betacrypt is the...
  • Aston Dual Channel Consumer CAM
    £150.00 Aston Dual Channel CAM v2.26
    ASTON DUAL CHANNEL CONSUMER CAM v2.26 Official Aston branded AstonCrypt Conditional Access Module version 2.26. Dual channel consumer version capable of decoding two channels at once as standard, great for use in...
  • Conax CAM by SMiT
    £59.95 Conax CAM
    CONAX CAM by SMiT Conax CAM manufactured by SMiT for use by the end-user to descramble Conax CA encrypted services as offered by many European and International satellite and terrestrial operators. The Conax CAM can...
  • Conax CAM (Neotion)
    £39.95 Conax CAM (Neotion)
    NEOTION CONAX CAM Conax CAM manufactured by Neotion for use with Conax encrypted services. The Conax CAM is compatible with Conax encrypted services. Powered by NEOTION in-house silicon technology, the NEOTION...
  • Cryptoworks CAM
    £59.95 Cryptoworks CAM
    LIMITED STOCK! Official Cryptoworks CI Module for descrambling Cryptoworks transmissions. Branded either SMiT or Technisat. The Cryptoworks CAM is compatible with programme services like UPC, Satellite...
  • Deltacam Duo Twin CI Module Rev 3.0
    £159.95 £139.90 Deltacam Duo Twin CI Module Rev 3.0
    DELTACAM DUO TWIN CI MODULE REV 3.0 Deltacam Duo Twin CI module with DeltaCrypt encryption 3.0 - new hardware Deltacam Duo Twin CI module PCMCIA CAM (Iso and Sim card reader)Deltacam Duo PCMCIA CAM is the DVB-CI...
  • Diablo CAM 2 Light
    £98.95 Diablo CAM 2 Light
    DIABLO CAM 2 LIGHT HARDWARE REVISION 4.0 The new high performance Diablo CAM 2 Light module from Italian manufacturer Duolabs is twice as fast and copes better with HD channels than its predecessor. The Diablo CAM 2 Light...
  • Diablo CAM 2 Twin - Hardware Revision 4.0
    £110.95 Diablo CAM 2 Twin ISO
    DIABLO CAM 2 TWIN ISO (Hardware Revision 4.0) Diablo CAM 2 Twin ISO 2 Card Reader two full size smartcard readers. Easily turn any CI receiver into an access sharing receiver. Diablo modules are designed to give...
  • Diablo CAM 2 Twin Wifi - Hardware Revision 2.6
    £145.95 Diablo CAM 2 Twin Wifi
    DIABLO CAM 2 TWIN WIFI (Hardware Revision 2.6) Diablo CAM 2 Twin WiFi provides direct access between the CAM and your WiFi enabled router and includes two full size ISO smartcard readers. Easily turn any CI receiver into an...
  • DreCrypt MPEG-4 CAM
    £95.95 DRECrypt MPEG-4 CAM
    DRECRYPT CAM FOR TRICOLOR TV RUSSIA Dre-Crypt MPEG4 Conditional Access Module manufactured by World Entertainment, compatible with both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 DreCrypt encrypted services. For use with TV packages such...
  • Fransat HD French Digital TV CAM and Card Pack
    £129.95 Fransat HD French Digital TV CAM and Card Pack
    FRANSAT TELEVISION NUMERIQUE - OFFICIAL DVB CI CAM MODULE AND VIEWING CARD PACK Official Fransat pack for use in your existing digital satellite receiver. Includes Fransat conditional access module and...
  • HD+ Germany by Astra CAM and Card
    £139.95 Choose Options German HD+ by Astra Viewing Card and CAM 6 Months
    GERMAN HD+ CAM AND 6 MONTH CARD BY ASTRA High Definition TV package from Germany including RTL HD, Sat 1 HD, ProSieben HD, VOX HD, Kabel Eins HD, RTL 2 HD, Sport 1 HD, Nickelodeon HD, Comedy Central HD, SIXX HD and N24...

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