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  • Argolis Smargo SmartReader V2
    £35.95 Argolis Smargo SmartReader V2
    SMARGO SMARTREADER V2 USB CARD READER FROM ARGOLIS The Smargo SmartReader V2 is a USB smartcard reader / writer based on a powerful ARM core processor. The Smargo Smart Reader V2 incorporates an integrated...
  • BDM Interface
    £29.95 BDM Interface
    BDM INTERFACE Re-programme your Nokia MediaMaster digital set top box with software such as Dr Overflows...
  • BDM Interface II (With Optical Output)
    £49.95 BDM Interface II (With Optical Output)
    Enthusiasts edition of the BDM Interface with optical audio output
  • CAS 3 Interface Plus
    £89.95 CAS 3 Interface Plus
    Latest 'Plus' Version In Stock! The CAS3 Plus Multi-Purpose programmer for smartcards, CAMs and receivers. The CAS Interface 3 Plus from Duolabs combines all the functionality of the Cas Interface 2 into a single unit...
  • CAS Interface 2 Plus
    £47.95 CAS Interface 2 Plus
    The CAS Interface 2 from Duolabs will programme, mend, convert firmware on your Matrix, Zeta, Joker, Dragon, Diablo, T-Rex, X-CAM and many more. Includes USB lead, J-Tag, Loader Card. The new Cas Interface 2+ is...
  • Dynamite Plus USB Programmer
    £47.95 Dynamite Plus USB Programmer
    Duolabs Dynamite Plus USB Programmer Programmes most card types: AVR, Phoenix, Smart Mouse, Mode. Utilizing both USB and Serial Ports. Includes free USB Lead The New Dynamite Plus Programmer has been totally...
  • Dynamode HDD Caddy Enclosure
    £7.95 Dynamode 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure USB 2.0
    DYNAMODE 2.5" SATA HARD DRIVE ENCLOSURE USB 2.0 Why not extend the life of your old laptop/PC hard disk drive with this simple to use 2.5" SATA caddy/enclosure by connecting it to your new set top box for PVR...
  • Infinity USB Phoenix
    £54.95 Infinity USB Phoenix
    Infinity USB Phoenix is connected to and powersupplied by a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Just one standard A-B USB-cable is needed (no need for an additional DC-adaptor). Being USB1.1 compliant and working on both USB1.1...
  • Infinity USB Smart
    £34.95 Infinity USB Smart
    The Infinity USB Smart is an external USB card reader providing Phoenix/SmartMouse compatibility through a virtual COM port (VCP) and requires no external power supply. Similar to the Smargo Smart Reader Plus the Infinity...
  • Infinity USB Unlimited
    £89.95 Infinity USB Unlimited
    Next generation smartcard programmerThe brand new Infinity USB Unlimited brings a whole new world of possibilities to you. It is a pure USB programmer that enables phoenix over USB by directly supporting the most popular...
  • MultiPIC & EEPROM Programmer
    £55.95 £29.95 MultiPIC & EEPROM Programmer
    MULTIPIC & EEPROM PROGRAMMER - Superb general purpose PIC programmer, suitable for programming and reading the following PIC and Eeprom chips. 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64/65, 24C128,...
  • NeoFun Pro Funcard Programmer
    £39.95 £19.95 NeoFun Pro Funcard Programmer
    The NeoFun Pro funcard programmer, designed purely for the easy programming of Fun2 and Fun4 cards. Parallel device for super-fast programming No PSU required, takes power from your PC Very Easy to Use! Windows...

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